Frequently Asked Questions

Is SERVICOM a communication company?

No, SERVICOM is not a communication company.  It is an initiative of the Federal Government to improve service delivery in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). SERVICOM means Service Compact with all Nigerians,  it is a compact between the Federal Government and the people where the Federal Government  dedicated itself to provide the basic services to which citizens are entitled  to in  a Timely, Fair , honest effective and transparent manner.

SERVICOM works with the service providers to eliminate problems in the service delivery processes and procedures that constitute service failure.

What is Service Failure

Service failure is when an MDA is unable to provide the kind or type of service it has promised in its Service Charter to deliver to service takers, as and when due. It does not matter whether the service takers are citizens or not. In essence, service failure is service performance that fails to meet a service taker’s expectations as stated in the service charters of an MDA.

What does it mean to “challenge service failure”?

To Challenge service failure is to speak out when you are not satisfied at a service window or when you have not been properly attended to at any service point. Do not walk away but visit the SERVICOM Unit of that MDA and lodge your complaint. In every MDA there is a SERVICOM Unit headed by a Nodal Officer, amongst other officers in the Unit is a Complaint Desk Officer. We expect dissatisfied service takers to go to this Unit and express their concerns or experiences of service failure to the Complaints Desk person particularly who has been  trained on what to do to ensure that the complaint is resolved. From time to time, SERVICOM Office checks up on the documented complaints to know if they have been resolved or not. Through this, many complaints have been satisfactorily resolved.

Is SERVICOM only in Abuja?

No, SERVICOM is not only in Abuja it is in all Federal Ministries Departments and Agencies across the country. If you go to any Federal Government office in any state within the country, you will find the presence of SERVICOM through the Ministerial SERVICOM Units.

Are there States that have SERVICOM ?

Yes, there are a few states that have imbibed the SERVICOM Initiative officially and these are Delta and Kano States. Cross River State was a Pilot state for SERVICOM (2007) where it was successfully demonstrated that SERVICOM can work in the states as well as in the Local Government Areas