Highlight of Episode 50 of the SERVICOM Help desk Radio Programme (https://breketefamily.com/)

Episode 50 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 5th of February 2019 and featured the National Office of Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) with the Director General, Dr. Dan Azumi Mohammed Ibrahim in the studio.https://breketefamily.com/

After the appreciation of the National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli, the Director General of NOTAP Dr. Dan Azumi Mohammed Ibrahim explained that his office was set up to regulate inflow of foreign technologies Into the country.

He noted that more than 90% of technologies powering various sectors in the Country were imported, saying the implication is that the country invests lot of money in the purchase of foreign technologies thereby creating job opportunities for foreign nations rather than its citizens.

He also added that technologies meant to be sustaining the country are expected to be generated from Nigerian higher Institutions and Research Institutions, noting with regret that most of these Institutions don’t do in-depth researches that would translate to products and services.

“NOTAP is by mandate required to facilitate such innovations and technologies as well as provide intellectual patency to inventors, “ he said and urged Nigerians to also consult his Office before signing any business agreement with foreign partners.

Owing to the need for citizens to be more enlightened on how they can benefit from the services of NOTAP, the anchor of the Programme, Ahmad Isah A.K.A Ordinary President, requested that the DG NOTAP should be in the studio on Saturday for an exclusive session, to which the DG consented.


Episode 49 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 29th January 2019 and discussion for the day was centred on public health services in the Federal Capital Territory, with representatives of the F.C.T.A Health Management Board as guests in the Studio.

The National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM,  Mrs. Nnenna  Akajemeli said the FCTA Health Secretariat was brought to the studio to let out useful information to the public on access to Health care Services in the FCT.

Dr.  Abdullahi  Mohammed, Ag. Director, FCT Hospital Management Board  and Chairman FCT Hospital Monitoring Committee who led the Team from the FCTA, explained that the Board manages a total number of fourteen hospitals in the F.C.T. and all Health Care facilities in order to ensure affordable and effective health care delivery to the people.

“We have established SERVICOM Units in all the hospitals so that patients are better served”, he said and urged customers of the hospitals to always report when they are not satisfactorily served.

The host of the Brekete Family Programme, Ahmad Isah A.K.A Ordinary President, suggested that dedicated SERVICOM Help Desks should be established in all the 14 FCT hospitals to make SERVICOM more visible  as this would help patients to  easily lodge complaints, a suggestion which the National Coordinator and Dr. Mohammed agreed to look into as soon as possible.

Commenting on the need for harmonious working relationship between Doctors and other personnel in hospitals as advocated by the Ordinary President, Mr Joe Okairo, who was in the studio sued for team work amongst Doctors and all other medical and Health workers in the overall interest of patients.

SERVICOM National Coordinator recalled an incidence where a pregnant woman died in one of the FCT Hospitals because a nurse sold wrong medication to her, adding that reports from a “mystery shopping” conducted by SERVICOM Office showed that some nurses were in the habit of selling drugs to patients. She  urged the FCT Health Management Board to look into such sharp practices.

Dr. Mohammed  who decried the general poor ratio of patients to Doctors, assured that all feedback from the programme will be used for service improvement in the FCT hospitals, adding that the Board was working on improving work attitude of Doctors and health service providers.

Mrs Ngozi Ayam who is also of the FCTA Health Management Board encouraged members of the public to contact the SERVICOM Units of the hospitals if they have any complaints and gave the number 08037510320 for  complainant to call, adding that on display in  all FCT Hospitals are specific numbers that complaints could call.


Episode 48 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 22nd January 2019 and it featured National Office Of Technology Acquisition And Promotion (NOTAB) where the Director General, Dr. Dan Azumi Mohammed Ibrahim represented the agency.

Dr. Dan Azumi Mohammed Ibrahim pointed out that the major function of the agency is to regulate the inflow of foreign technology into the country, he added that the agency is saddled with the responsibility of encouraging and promoting local technology.

‘’We make sure agreements entered into by Nigerian and foreign experts are properly scrutinised and subjected into three major perspectives which include the Legal, Economic and Technical perspectives’’, he said.

He further spoke more on the legal perspective, noting that the Agency looks at the clauses in the agreement of local and foreign firms to be sure that they are in line with the laws of the country and to also look at the qualification of foreign experts.

“If we  notice that most Nigerians have the qualification, we insist that they are used for the job, this another strategy of transfer of technology because no foreign country will willingly transfer its technological know-how”, he said.

He also said that through the scrutiny of the Agency, it has been observed that some offices that win contracts only exist on paper with no physical address which is a case of capital plight.

NOTAP DG regretted that the Educational sector was not well funded for intensed research that can promote technological breakthroughs and translate into products and services.

The SERVICOM National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs.Nnenna Akajemeli who appreciated the instructive participation of NOTAP explained that level of achievement of the Agency in just few years were revealed to her during a recent courtesy visit to the Agency, saying “We decided to bring the DG to this programme so that Nigerians can benefit from his wealth of knowledge and the opportunities provided by NOTAP.”

She appreciated the Ordinary President and said the platform has been very useful in enlightening Nigerians on various services provided by different Government Agencies adding that positive results have been recorded through the programme.

An alleged case of sodomy was brought before the SERVICOM office where the National Coordinator promised to facilitate the intervention of the Nigeria Police Force. The culprit is reported to be a senior police officer working in the office of the Executive Governor of Bauchi state.


Episode 47 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 15th January 2019 where the National Coordinator and Chief  Executive officer of SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna  Akajemeli led the Team for the day’s discussion.

Mrs. Nnenna  Akajemeli  was very appreciative of everyone who had contributed to the sustainability and success of the programme, she particularly appreciated the Brekete Family Programme and the Human Rights Radio for the platform which has a very wide reach across the globe.

She said SERVICOM works to facilitate right attitude in service givers and service takers, adding that through the programme customer facing issues and complaints on dissatisfied services have been redressed.

The National Coordinator who said that SERVICOM is work in progress, noted that service providers who have been brought to the studio to talk about their service delivery processes and system have to a large extent increased the awareness level in the general public to the core functions and standards of some MDAs.

The members of the team that accompanied the National Coordinator were Mrs. Stella Benson  a Deputy Team lead in the SERVICOM Office and Mr.Tony Ochelebe of the SERVICOM Public Awareness Unit were also in the studio with the National Coordinator.


Episode 46 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 8th  January 2019 and it featured the Education Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory  where issues bordering on service delivery in the education sector in FCT were discussed.

Prior to the discussion, the representative of the SERVICOM National Coordinator and Head of Operations Mrs Jummai Abdullahi had appreciated the continuous support that the SERVICOM Help Desk Programme was enjoying from both service takers and service providers in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

SERVICOM Public Awareness Manager Ms Patience Musa also had noted that the FCTA Education Secretariat of the FCT Administration was invited to let out some useful information around the educational sector in the FCT to help parents and guardians as they prepare for the return of the wards to a new school term.

The Director Universal Basic Education Board, FCTA, Dr. Adamu J. Noma  mni, said the basic responsibility of the Board was to provide basic educational services to all children in the FCT explaining that once children are in school,  they are responsibilities of the schools.

He noted that though teachers are trained to be very vigilant to observe abnormalities in children for necessary intervention, it was paramount for parents to be even more observant for effective collaborative corrective measures.

Reacting to the allegation of cultism among pupils, he said the authority have made some interventions in that direction when some pupils were alleged to be involved in secret cults.

According to him presence of security outfits have been ensures around Garki Primary and Secondary schools in the FCT to avert instances of clashes amongst pupils.

He used the occasion to counsel school pupils against social vices and actions that make them vulnerable to security threats and called for collective efforts between parent and teachers on the moral and academic wellbeing of pupils

A Deputy Director in the Secondary Education Board Mallam Kabiru Musa explained that the Board works to ensure standardisation and also checks cultism through its monitoring and sensitisation unit.

He decried the low turn out of parents to Parents Teachers Association meeting as well as “Open days” which were recently introduced in FCT Schools where identified issues of grave concerns on pupils are discussed with their parents or guardians.

Mallam Kabiru while commenting on alleged extortions by officials of Parents, Teachers Association (PTAs) said measures have been put in place to ensure that only the Board authorizes any payment to be made to the Association by parents or guardians.