SERVICOM leads by example, rewards staff

In keeping with its advice to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government to reward officers who do well on their jobs, the SERVICOM Office has bestowed awards on some of its staff.

Speaking during the awards ceremony, the National Coordinator, SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli said the ceremony was to reflect on how staff fared in the course of the year and to encourage healthy competition in coming years.

“This is a time to reflect how we have fared as members of staff of SERVICOM and individually during the year and build on what we have done well and do better where we have not done so well”, she said.

The National Coordinator further said it was important for the office to be exemplary by practising what it preaches.

The awards which came in different categories had Mr. Ben Olofu of Team A as the best staff of 2018 from that Team. Mrs. Nneka Oleh won the same award in Team B, Mrs. Ternenge Nyipira from Team C and Mrs. Ngozi Akimbodewa went home with that of Team D.

Others are Mrs. Chinyere Nwabua of the Administrative Unit, Mr. Gbenga Oloke of the SERVICOM Institute, Funmilayo Oladimeji of Account Unit, Gambo Yunusa of Drivers Unit, Nneoma Daberechi Aneke of the Office of the National Coordinator and Tony Ochelebe of Public Awareness Unit. While the overall best staff of the year for the Operations Unit went to Team Leader A, Mrs. Ladi Daniella Aku.

She congratulated the Awardees and said the office looked forward to their continuous hard work and commitment to the Service Delivery Initiative of the Federal Government.

Mrs. Aku on behalf of the awardees thanked the SERVICOM family for their cooperation in making the job of the awardees easy for them dedicated the awards to all staff.


Episode 45 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 25th December 2018, the National Coordinator, Mrs Nnanna Akejemeli who was in the studio said she has come with a lot of appreciation to all government officials that have made possible the success of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme.

She also extended appreciation to management and staff of the SERVICOM Office, the various SERVICOM Units in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)  and the National Council of Nodal Officers for their sacrifice and commitment in ensuring that the objectives of the Radio programme is realized.

“To all members of the public that have brought complaints on dissatisfied services, we say thank you”, she added, expressing delight at the positive intervention by  SERVICOM, most of which have brought about resolution of complaints to the satisfaction of complainants.

She said she was in the studio with a  letter of appreciation to the SERVICOM Office by a citizen, Shakirat Bello, whose complaints over her missing luggage in Turkish Airline.was satisfactorily redressed as a result of SERVICOM’s intervention through the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the letter was read out by the Ordinary President .

“This letter shows that what we are doing in SERVICOM Office and through this Radio programme is impacting and improving on the lives of citizens, this is what SERVICOM was set to achieve,”, the National Coordinator  said.

She reminded service takers to always speak out when they encounter service failure or when they are not well treated in MDAs and commended MDAs that have implemented service improvement recommendations by SERVICOM in ensuring that their services are better delivered to all their customer groups.

The National Coordinator used the occasion to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous New year in advance



The Episode 44 of the Help Desk Radio Programme which held on 18th December 2018 featured the representatives of the Public Complaints Commission (P.C.C).

SERVICOM National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli, was profoundly appreciative of all stakeholders who have contributed in one way or the other to SERVICOM and the service delivery Initiative.

Officials of the PCC who were in the studio were Barrister Ewa Odoh Director Foreign Support and Mr Emma Oguachi, Public Relations Officer of the Commission.

Barrister Ewa Odu  said PCC was established in 1975 because of the bureaucratic corruption  and administrative injustice, noting that the Commission has the power to also look complaints at Federal, State and Local Government levels and said anybody with complaints could come to the Commission at no cost.

He explained that the PCC is an independent organisation with the powers to investigate even the National Assembly.

“We have some restrictions when the issue concerns the Army and few other security Agencies, but if an individual has issues with the Army they can still complain, we are in the process of amendment on our Act with the National Assembly, to address this”, he said.

On the series of complaint from deceased or retired Police and Military officer’s wives and relatives, Mr Emma said the Commission was doing its best to make sure their benefits are paid through the various pension boards.

He urged the general public to have confidence in the PCC and added that the new leadership is poised to ensure that the Commission earns the trust and confidence of citizens.

The Ordinary President graciously gave the PCC a 3-months free slot during the Brekete Programme every Wednesday for more public enlightenment and to allow for more immediate handling of administrative related complaints by the general public.

The Honourable Chief Commissioner of PCC Barrister Chille Igbagua, the ombudsman who called to endorse his approval for the  3 Months Radio programme, said the Commission was strategizing on ways of improving on its operations for enhanced service delivery.

The National Coordinator SERVICOM appreciated the Ordinary President for the gesture extended to PCC and appreciated the new leadership of the PCC for its commitment to serve the people better.


Some complainants  who shared their experiences of administrative injustices in the studio, had the opportunity of being taken to the headquarters of the Commission for immediate intervention on their cases.


Episode 43 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on the 11th December 2018 and it featured the representatives of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Vehicle Inspection Office (V.I.O) and the Nigerian Police Force who were in the Studio to enlighten Nigerians on the role of their respective establishment to help eliminate confusion by roads users over the roles of the three Agencies.

The Ordinary President started by appreciating SERVICOM Office for giving him an award as a SERVICOM Champion. The National Coordinator, Mrs Nnanna Akejemeli who was represented by Mrs. Ladi Daniella Aku, a Team lead in the SERVICOM Office, thanked the Ordinary President and MDAs for their support to the Radio Programme.

The V.I.O Officials who featured included Dela Yaro, Assistant Director, Kalu Emetu,  Public Relations Officer (PRO), Oyabode Richard, Head, Driver’s License and Julius Nwanfor, Head of SERVICOM V.I.O

  1. K Abubakar represented the FRSC while the Nigerian Police Force was represented by the Force P.R.O JImoh Moshood.

Mr. Kalu Emetu said the V.I.O is one of the Government Agencies that was created from the Police prior to Nigeria’s independence, adding that the primary responsibility of VIO is to ensure that all vehicles are road worthy as well as generate revenue for the Government.

He further said it was the responsibility of V.I.O to monitor vehicle spare part dealers, issue driver’s license to drivers and withdraw same to drivers when it is ascertained that they are not in a stable state of mind to drive.

“We make sure that vehicles enter the town freely, we ensure that the vehicles are road worthy, that wipers are working, papers are renewed, tyres are good and that  driver’s license have not expired”, he said

He went further to explain that “We make recommendations to Ministry of works on bad or dangerous spots, we carry out driving test to be sure that people can drive, we issue license to vehicle spare part dealers and to car dealers, we remove spoilt vehicles from the road and we cannibalise vehicles that are not road worthy”.

Road Commander M. K Abubakar  of FRSC said the Corps is also a Government agency saddled with the responsibility of rescuing crash victims, auditing the roads to  advise Government on what to do, designing and printing of driver’s license and number plates.

He explained that the Corps regulates road transport revalidation as well as regulates driving schools adding that the corps has the authority to stop suspected road traffic offenders.

The P.R.O of the Nigerian Police Force, Mr Jimoh Moshood  said the Police is the mother of all security agencies and investigates road crashes, controls crowd during rescue operations, as well as inspects the interior of vehicles.

“The Police has the right to ask for anything in your vehicle and only the police has the right to ask for tinted class permit from motorists , we have the traffic control unit as well”, he said.


Episode 42 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme which held on 4th December 2018 had in the studio two representatives of the Vehicle Inspection Office (V.I.O) who were on hand to address first-hand, key customer facing issues that are peculiar to their service delivery processes and systems.

SERVICOM National Coordinator while introducing the discussion for the day, appreciated VIO for being in the studio to enlighten citizens and the general public on their operational procedures for the benefit of road users and vehicle owners.

.V.I.O Public Relations Officer (PRO) Mr. Kalu Emetu explained that the V.I.O was established to among other things to ensure that all vehicles are properly inspected and certified before registration and during renewal of vehicle particulars.

The V.I.O SERVICOM Focal Officer Julius Nwanfor gave the complaint number of the Directorate as 08160091183 and encouraged anyone with Complaints to call the number for quick remedy.

In view of the similarity of the roles between the VIO, Nigerian Police and the FRSC, the Ordinary President said next week the three agencies should be brought to the studio to explain their specific roles in terms of road / vehicle management and regulations.


Episode 41 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme held on 28th November 2018. Series on complaints were attended to by the Ordinary President amongst which was that of a widow in the service of the Anambra State Government, who as allegedly dismissed unlawfully and her salary stopped since September 2015.

The SERVICOM National Coordinator Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli while reacting to the complaint gave assurance that the issue would be tabled before the Public Complaints Commission (PCC) so that the matter is resolved and justice is given to the complainant.

She said the new leadership of PCC pledged its support to the SERVICOM  Office and has promised to collaborate with SERVICOM for citizen’s satisfaction especially on complaints based on administrative justice whether in the public or private sector.


Episode 40 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme which held on 20th November 2018 coincided with Sallah celebration where Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli, National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM Office congratulated the Muslim Ummah on the observance of the day.

She thanked all listeners and contributors to the programme as well as all those who have supported the SERVICOM Office in one way or the other.

Mrs Akajemeli enjoined service takers at government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to serve people well and provide service according to the standards specified in their service charters.

She further called on service takers to ensure that they provide all needed information or details when they are asked to at service windows.