SERVICOM Evaluates services of Seven Airports as Fair.

As part of its mandate to assess the quality of services delivered by Ministries, Departments and Agencies to citizens and other service takers in the country, the SERVICOM Office has evaluated and graded the services of seven airports in the country as Fair.

The Seven Airports evaluated include Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja and Ilorin International Airport. Others are Aminu Kano Airport, Kano, Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri, Maiduguri International Airport and Port Harcourt International Airport.

The National Coordinator SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli while presenting the report to Director General (DG) of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Engr, Saleh Dunoma and General Managers of the seven (7) evaluated Airports encouraged the Agency to improve on its services to make service experience pleasant for air passengers as well as other stakeholders in the aviation industry.

She noted that as gateways into the country, the Airports should operate within high standards, even as she mentioned identified common weaknesses amongst the evaluated airports to include frequent flight cancellations, flight delays, inaudible flight announcements owing to exaggerated phonetics and touting around the airports.

Mrs. Akajemeli said there was need to find a way around flight cancellations, flight delays, issues around customers’ rights and missing or destroyed items in the airports, adding that security around the Airports should be strengthened to safeguard against human trafficking of any sort.

She called on FAAN management to call for a meeting with all security Agencies in the Airports on best way forward in synergizing efforts towards ensuring safety and adherence to regulations in the airport environment, such that would promote efficient and effective and customer-focused  service delivery.

While appreciating the evaluation by the SERVICOM Team, the DG who was represented by the Director Airport Operations, Captain Rabiu Yadudu said “I want to commend SERVICOM for working behind the scene to improve services of FAAN I assure you that Management will look into all areas of identified weaknesses in the evaluated Airports”.

He disclosed that henceforth there would be a comprehensive daily data collation on all flight delays and cancellations to ascertain which airline had done well at the end of every month and which had done badly, so as to put pressure on those found wanting to improve on their services to Nigerians.

He assured that industry standards would be upheld continuously in all Airports and charged Airport Managers on the need to put in more efforts in driving excellent service delivery.

He also promised that FANN management would look into standardization of all personnel and Agencies posted to work in the Airports in line with regulations in the industry and international best practices.


The 21st  Episode  of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme which held on the 24th July 2018 was focused on SERVICOM  handling procedure with the aim of enlightening the pubic on how complaints that come to SERVICOM are being handled.

The SERVICOM National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Nnenna  Akajemeli explained that complaints that are received in the office are immediately  forwarded to the concerned Ministry, Department or Agency for their prompt action.

She noted that SERVICOM has a timeline of 15 working days for Agencies to look into complaints forwarded to them and report progress to the Office, explaining however that some agencies have longer compliant reprisal procedure due to the peculiarity and nature of the services they provide which may require investigation.

She enjoined members of the public to always look out for the SERVICOM Unit in MDAS so as to seek redress on issues that can be resolved on the spot or to formally lodge their complaints which would be looked into, adding that the SERVICOM office is in constant consultation with SERVICOM Nodal and Focal Officers in MDAs on best practices on service delivery.

The Public Awareness Manager, Ms. Patience Musa added that the SERVICOM office facilitates resolution of complaints forwarded to MDAs and also follows up to  ensure that such complaints are resolved.

She noted however that cases that are already in court are not attended to by SERVICOM Office and said complainants will always be officially informed of outcome or process of resolution of their complaint.

A widow, Mrs Yemisi who had sought the intervention of SERVICOM on her case of seizure of a truck of rice by the Kano Command of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), testified that her compliant was receiving attention as she has been invited at the Headquarters of the NCS, in Abuja. She said she was very grateful to the SERVICOM Help Desk Programme.

In her closing remarks, the National Coordinator appreciated all MDAs for their support to the realization of the objectives of the SERVICOM Help Desk Programme  and gave the assurance that SERVICOM office will continue to work with MDAs to minimize complaints emanating from experiences of service failure.


The 20th Episode  of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme which held on the 17th July 2018 was focused on service delivery issues  in Nigerian Deposit Insurance Commission (NDIC).

The SERVICOM National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Nnenna  Akajeli while introducing the days discussion, recalled that the objective of the Programme is to provide a constant help desk for all service takers and to enlighten the general public on the process of seeking redress on service delivery complaints in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

A representative of NDIC and Deputy Director in the Commission Dr, Katata explained that the Commission carries out supervisory role over banks and other financial institutions  to protect depositors’ and shareholders’  funds and guarantee safety of such funds, this he said is carried out with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He stressed the importance of keeping money in the bank  to avoid theft, fire out-break or other incidences , noting that NDIC can only be of help to people who bank their monies.

Speaking in the same vein, another Deputy Director, Mr. N. Ambrose reiterated that in the event of a bank getting distressed, the Commission would refund customers’ deposit after due process.

He however explained that the NDIC would only make payment  when the licence of  a Micro Finance Bank (MFB) is revoked by CBN and also advised customers with huge sums of money not to put all in a single MFB.

Series of financially related complaints were shared in the studio customers of banks and other financial institutions. Of particular mention were complaints by some individuals whose monies were trapped in Fortis Micro Finance bank, to which NDIC officials assured them of the safety of their monies.

Dr Katata who gave out Toll Free Line of NDIC as 080063424357 said the Commission has Zonal Offices in Lagos, Enugu, Kano and Port Harcourt and advised customers to seek redress for service failure in any financial institution by writing formal complaints and keeping all relevant evidences and documents

The Director General of Consumer Protection Council (C.P.C) Barrister Babatunde Irukere  who was called  by the Anchor  Presenter in the course of the Programme confirmed that the Council equally  intervenes on financial complaints by the public and emphasized that banks must follow guidelines for the protection of depositors’ funds.

In the studio was a testifier Evangelist  Adimabua Okolie who explained how the SERVICOM Office has been instrumental in the on-going resolution  of his complaint on his late father’s entitlements from the Nigerian Military. He said he was very impressed with how SERVICOM intervened by connecting him with Defence Headquarters where his complaint is now being given speedy attention after previous failed attempts to have the same issue redressed.


Discussions at Episode 19 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Programme which held on June 10th  2018 was centred on the essence of constructive citizens’ engagement through consultation for excellent Service Delivery by Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

The SERVICOM National Coordinator, Mrs Nnenana Akajemeli said the  discussion is to serve as a wake–up call for service providers to continue to seek innovative ways of consulting with service takers for continuous service improvement and for delivery of services that address  the needs and aspirations of citizens.

While anchoring the discussion for the day, the Public Awareness Manager Ms. Patience Musa noted that the aim of consultation was to get feedback from the public on how to improve services in line with their needs to ensure that varied needs of different customer groups are met, adding that consultation is most effective as a tool for satisfactory service delivery.

“By this we mean that service providers  and MDAs should take time to seek opinion and input from members of the public on matters that affect them. A little consultation will help organisations to identify the barriers that are preventing customers from getting satisfactory services ”.

She noted that consultation can take place on a daily basis thru customer care officers and front desk officers  saying “ these officers are should always maintain an open and approachable manner towards customers and be ready to listen to their comments, suggestions or complaints and have such documented for attention of superior staff or management”.

She explained that agencies that partner and collaborate with each other for actualization of their mandates should also hold consultation with each other so as to strengthen their respective roles for effective service delivery.

She called on Management of MDAs to ensure periodic consultation between their organisations and their stakeholders and customers for continuous review of the effectiveness of their procedures and systems for service improvement

The National Coordinator in an update of SERVICOM’s impacts mentioned that a contractor who borrowed money from the bank that supplied graduation gowns to Abuja University has been paid following SERVICOM ‘s intervention after receipt of his complaint.

The programme anchor advice that SERVICOM should provide a suggestion box for the citizens to be able to send feedback about the service delivery, he sighted a very good example of the bank where people are not been served right and talked about a situation of someone in the studio that received an alert of 3.1million naira and was debited back the next day without withdrawing the money from his account, he went further saying that the person even have his statement of his account with him in the studio.

The National Coordinator Mrs Nnena  Akajemeli proceeded by saying that SERVICOM is inviting some of the studio next week with some of the bank officials so that they can shade more light on banking issues.

Someone complaint about NDLA, he complained about his late father’s pension and other entitlement that has not been paid.

Some one complaint about savannah Sugar Company not paying his full entitlement.

The National Coordinator said concerning  the people that returned from Libya, the message should be let out in conjunction with NOA, she said NOA, NAPTEB and FAAN should  be involve in the issue in order to carry the message to the general public.


Episode 18 of the SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme which held on July 2nd 2018, featured the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

The National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM Office, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli reiterated that the objective of the Programme was to provide a platform for citizen engagement on improved service delivery.

“Nigerians need help at service points so we want to use this programme to clear bottle-necks hindering access to satisfactory services in public offices”, the National Coordinator said.

She explained that service providers from various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are being invited to the programme to discuss their service delivery processes as a way of holding them accountable on their mandates and in the implementation of their service charters.

A Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs in NERC, Mr. Shittu Shaibu said that the Commission was established by the Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005 to regulate electricity generation, transmission and distribution so that citizens and consumers of power are better served in line with laid down standards and procedure.

He noted that the Commission places top priority on transparency, fairness and continuous consultations for satisfied service delivery adding that the issue of unmetered premises across the country would soon be a thing of the past.

He said consumers with complaints could go to any NERC Consumer Forum which are in almost all state capitals or contact NERC Headquarters through the following phone lines 08146862225 and 094621424.

Mr. Chijioke Obi  a Deputy Director in Consumer Affairs Unit of the Commission who also shed more light on the activities of the NERC  said complaints from electricity consumers are looked into promptly for continuous service improvement.

Some experiences of dissatisfied services were shared by individuals in the studio concerning Nigerian Customs Service and an Indian Iron Company. The National Coordinator promised to look into them and advised that such complaints be written to SERVICOM Office officially.