A SERVICOM Team lead, Mrs. Jummai Abdullahi and the SERVICOM Public  Awareness Manager, Ms. Patience Musa were the discussants for the day . Issues such as Service charter, Mystery Shopping, Ministerial SERVICOM Units, SERVICOM complaint handling methods were all in focus in the course of the programme.

Mrs. Jummai Abdullahi emphasised that SERVICOM looks into complaints bordering on service delivery in Ministries, Departments and Agencies ( MDAs) only explaining that different kinds of issues were brought to SERVICOM after last week’s programme where SERVICOM lines and addresses of social media channels were publicized. She read out the phone number of the Nodal Officer of the Joint Matriculations and Examinations Boards (JAMB) in case of complaints and enquires over JAMB Examinations or other concerns.

A Brekete family member in the studio brought a complain of non-recruitment by the Nigerian Immigration Service years after she was given an assurance that she would be employed, Mrs. Abdullahi advised her to send an official complaint to the SERVICOM office for necessary intervention.

A caller wanted to know if SERVICOM was in the Universities while another wanted to know if SERVICOM was also in the States or only restricted to Abuja. The Public Awareness Manager explained that SERVICOM Units were in all Federal Universities across the country and were being overseen by the Ministerial SERVICOM  Unit of the Nigerian Universities Commission.

The Awareness Manager also explained that SERVICOM is an initiative that could be adopted by all states so that effective service delivery can be taken to the grass root. She mentioned Delta and Kano as States that have officially adopted SERVICOM. She said the office recently addressed all Secretaries to State Governments and encourage them to establish the Initiative in their states.

The National coordinator appreciated the Brekete family and all listeners and  gave an assurance that SERVICOM Office will continue to engage service takers and service providers to ensure satisfactory service delivery in all MDAs.

Highlight of Episode 2, SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme

The 2nd Edition of SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme had SERVICOM Team Lead Mrs Jummai Abdullahi as the discussant for the day, the discussion was centered around SERVICOM methods and approaches for service excellence in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

She mentioned that SERVICOM works to ensure that services are there for the people to access with no difficulty or unnecessary delays and said SERVICOM had a complaint mechanism through which citizens’ issues bordering on service failure could be handled to ensure their satisfaction. She read out SERVICOM Phone lines and social media handles and encouraged citizens and the general public to use these avenues to reach the Office so that their complaints on service failure can be looked into.

These details are:

Website:      www.Servicom.gov.ng

Facebook:   servicomng

Instagram :  Servicom _ officialpage

Twitter :       @Servicomoffice

Phone Nos: 08106419581



She noted that SERVICOM Units have been established in all MDAs to drive the service delivery initiative and encouraged that such Units should be consulted by the public when they experience any form of service failure in any government establishment.

The National Coordinator gave a feed back on the complaint of non –payment of benefits by Retirees of Nigerian Airways. She said the SERVICOM Office engaged the Team representing the Retirees and the Ministry Officials and that officials of the Ministry of Finance have promised to expedite action in addressing the complaint.

The National Coordinator also said that the Immigration Nodal Officer has assured that complaint by one Mr. Simeon of non-issuance of Passport by the Nigerian Embassy in Japan will be attended to in a short while.

Highlight of maiden edition of SERVICOM help desk radio programme (Epidode 1)

The maiden edition of SERVICOM Help Desk Radio Programme had the National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SERVICOM office, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli as the guest for the day.

The National Coordinator set the tone for the programme by mentioning objectives of the programme to include to help service takers to constantly access satisfactory service in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Government; to assure citizens that services are there to serve them; to enlighten the general public on the processes of seeking redress on service delivery complaints through SERVICOM ; to hold public officers more accountable through the voice of the people and to give Media mileage to the Service Delivery project of the Federal Government

She gave insight into the origin of SERVICOM and its essence in ensuring that services are delivered in a timely, fair and effective manner to the satisfaction of citizens.

She elucidated the relevance of SERVICOM as an agency that stands between the service givers and the service takers.

The other guest in the Studio is the Officer in charge of Pension in FCTA, who explained how pension matters are satisfactorily attended to in FCT.

Ordinary President and Anchor personality for the programme Ahmed Isah proffered a collaborative venture between SERVICOM and Brekete Family for suggestion boxes to be placed at strategic points of service delivery so that the boxes are opened once in a week and all the feedback harvested and looked into.

He mentioned the need for SERVICOM to look into BPE  where severance  payments are yet to be made to staff of organizations have been privatized, and said SERVICOM should also look into NAPTIP where there is seeming compromise among staff on human trafficking.

Retirees of Nigerian Airways in the Studio tabled their complaint of non-payment of their benefits by the Ministry of Finance despite disclosure by the CBN Governor on Channels TV on September 27th 2017 that the sum of N46b had been released for that purpose.  The National Coordinator gave an assurance that SERVCOM Would facilitate speedy resolution of  their complaint through the Team lead overseeing the Ministry of Finance and the Ministerial SERVICOM Unit of the Ministry.




Phone –in- Segment

S/N Caller Location Complaint / Comment Remarks /Response
1. —– France Commendation on the programme and the presentations by the two guests . Commendation appreciated
2. —— Abuja Non- Remittance  by Private companies to PENCOM PENCOM will be invited to studio for response and reaction
3. Emmanuel Germany Commendation on the programmme as it gives hope of a better Nigeria Commendation appreciated
4. Fidelis Airport Road Commendation on the programme which has become a must-watch Commendation appreciated
5. Abdulrahman Abuja SERVICOM to look into how customers and consumers of products are shortchanged by decrease in quantity of products e.g Toothpaste where the quantity has reduced Complainant was advised to channel such complaint to the SERVIOCM Unit of Consumer Protection Council.
6. Simeon Japan Passport issuance is a Challenge to Nigerians in Japan where the Nigerian Embassy is failing in its duties and obligations to Nigerians there. Complainant advised to visits the SERVICOM website and lodge complaint for necessary follow-up by SERVICOM office in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nigerian Immigration Service. Feed-back will be given next week